Cuties Home Inc.

Cuties Home Inc.
Cuties Home Inc. is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada and is both a wholesaler and an importer. We strive to provide quality Exotic Handcrafted silver jewelry and fashion accessories at competitive prices with optimal customer service. Products vary anywhere from the everyday earrings to beautifully designed handbag mirrors to satisfy the demand of our customer.

We are giving retailers and wholesale consumers a greater choice and an exciting opportunity to present their customers with a whole new range of fashion product.

Provide high quality assurance, reasonable price, equality and mutual benefit, performance and trustworthiness is our fundamental purpose
Main Product Lines:

Exotic Handcrafted silver jewelry,

Our Handcrafted silver jewelry is 100% handmade. From Carefully selected precious stones to exquisite carving, snow-covered plateau hidden crafts the highest state of every Tibetan artist is proud of it. Through which the characteristics of fine cut and polish, people feel the Tibetans of that natural simplicity, highlighting the self-personality. Tibetan very eyes of its artistic and cultural, and very good at the life of the animals, plants as well as the ideal Evolution mascot for the pattern emerged in the jewelry. Tibetan jewelries are finished by hand. It usually reflects the theme of religious fairy tales, scenes of working life, as well as the author's wishes and a beautiful illusion. It can be said that each has its own unique culture, have expressed a sincere blessing of each pattern and color are also have their special meaning: a symbol of love Beas, objects can be Safety, represents the sixth mantra is Lucky wishes. Tibetan Handcrafted silver jewelry is Ancient, Natural and Unique.

European Handbag mirrors

We carry the latest models and designs of European Handbag mirror. The both side of mirror are antifogging coating and waterproof, and with professional twist lock and multi-layer gold (silver) plated. The mirror include an optical-quality mirror on the one side to get a clear, distortion-free image, and 2X magnifying mirror on the other side for close-up work.
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